Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and M.A.D. Moving Help Change the Life of the Marshall Family

FAYETTEVILLE, NC – 15-year Navy veteran, Barbara Summey Marshall received the surprise of her life on Thursday, July 21. The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, M.A.D. Moving and hundreds of volunteers made her dreams come true. Marshall houses homeless female veterans at her home on 120 Langdon Street. The 1,600 square-foot home housed three women veterans and their children.

Marshall’s former residence was torn down and rebuilt in a matter of one week. Workers and volunteers worked around the clock to meet the deadline. M.A.D. Moving brought a crew of 15 individuals to pack up all the belongings in the house and get it ready for demolition. The local moving company also volunteered their crews to move all of the belongings back into the house as well.

Marshall’s new home includes enough space to house additional residents and live comfortably. It includes a gym, greenhouse, garden, resource center, and more! The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show featuring the new and improved Steps to Stages Jubilee House is scheduled to air on ABC in October.