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Let’s Compare

Comparison between M.A.D. Moving Company and Large Van Line Movers

One of the big differences between M.A.D. Moving Company and the big van lines is that M.A.D. Moving Company will not combine your furniture with another customer’s furniture. We concentrate solely on you and your belongings to ensure that your belongings are treated with the utmost care. We will make multiple stops, pick-ups and deliveries on the way to your final destination. Also, all your household goods will be delivered on the same day and will not remain in transit from days to months on end which is typical in a move with the large van lines. Another difference is that M.A.D. Moving Company will move or rearrange your household items inside your home. Lastly,we will temporarily move out your furniture into PODs, rental trucks or other parts of your home during home improvements. If you need a more flexible solution to your moving needs call M.A.D Moving Company to start coordinating your move today.

Cost of Hiring M.A.D. Moving Company vs. Doing it Yourself…

Let’s compare moving yourself with hiring M.A.D. Moving Company. When you move yourself you need to take into consideration the following: renting a truck, calling to schedule the truck, picking up the rental truck, the inexperience of driving a large moving truck, driving to and from both locations of your move, and filling the truck up with gas before returning the rental truck. Then there’s the cost of renting blankets, dollies and other moving supplies to protect your furniture. Let’s not forget….the time and sometimes regret in asking your friends and family to help you move. And yes, the few days of soreness to your body after you have moved. You have to ask yourself….is it really less costly??? Now on the other hand, M.A.D. Moving Company is one quick call away. We show up on the day of your move well prepared with experienced workers and the proper equipment to take all the hassle out of your move.

Why? Take yourself through so much worry and hassle…. Call M.A.D. Moving Company today at 910.484.6683 for your next hassle free move!

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