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Seniors: Moving When Over 65 Years Old

Seniors: Moving When Over 65 Years Old

Moving sounds terrifying, in general. When it comes to seniors having to move, it’s even more worrisome since there are particular conditions that need attention. Choose a moving company that offers an experienced team of local movers with an impeccable customized moving service.

How to have a smooth moving experience as a senior?

What’s your first priority as a senior? We suspect it is less troubles, less effort and a stress-free experience. You don’t want to end up carrying heavy objects because your moving company is not professional so the Mad Movers Company in Fayetteville will make sure your comfort is top priority.

  • Protect your health

Let our expert local movers handle your objects in a safe and fast manner. We understand how important your assets are especially at a senior age and we shall move your most precious goods with great care. You don’t need to move one finger, we’ll handle everything.

  • Save your time

In  Fayetteville, NC we are known for our careful and the precision of our work. At a senior age you want to secure the new house as fast as possible so you can relax and receive your grandchildren and family over. Local moving will happen fast and safe for you.

  • Protect your assets

A lifetime of work and effort; your assets are your legacy and the testimony of a hard work – you don’t want to risk losing or breaking them during moving. The MAD Movers treat your lifetime work and assets with care. We have a special process for fragile objects and even our drivers move the objects from one location to the other with skill and in a safe manner.

Do you want a local moving company dedicated to seniors?

Contact the MAD Movers and enjoy a stress-free, healthy and fast moving process. With great respect for seniors, we are looking forward to serve you!

Moving With Your Kids Made Easy!

Moving With Your Kids Made Easy!

Are you planning to move soon? Or moving out of your home for any other unavoidable reasons? We, The M.A.D. Movers offer our services beyond perfection, especially in Fayetteville NC! And, in case you are planning to move along with your kids–your personal stress level reaches the summit!

Leave your entire headache with respect to moving all your tangible assets to us!

But when kids are involved, we also try to shoulder your stress level onto us.

In order to move with your kids here are some important points, which need to accounted for to reduce your stress level–

  • Accommodation–Your kids should feel the entire moving process very exciting. Involve your kids accommodate them with the packaging work!
  • Family Meeting–Depict as if you all are going on a long picnic at the different state. Let your kids get involved in your meeting and assign some simple responsibility to them as well.
  • Everyday Topic–Let your kids get highly inquisitive about their entire moving experience. Discuss on various aspects every day with your kids.
  • Kids Exclusivity–When you are moving, give your kids an exclusive decision authority on their room, color and additional kids accessories of their choice.
  • Introductions–Third party introductions of your kids, like a driver, a helper will motivate your kids during the journey.
  • A Delegation of work–Delegate simple works to your kids and keep their zeal on top.
  • Special Toys–Make sure to keep all the toys, favorite books of your kids nearby during the travel.

The more you keep your kids happy and motivated till the time you unpack and assign their rooms less will you get stressed out! Talk to our professional M.A.D. representatives for more guidance when you wish to move with your kids!

Moving With Pets

Moving with Pets

Many people have various ideas about the best way to move their pets. Ideally, the first thing to do is to research the best way to move your pet. It is not proper to put your pet in the bed of a pick-up truck or in the trunk of your car when you want to move. You must research the travel regulations for all the states that you may travel through if you are relocating out of the State. Also, a good knowledge of pet-friendly hotels will help you to get things in the right stream.

When you are set to move, you can keep your pet in one room until you are set to load them into the car. This keeps them from getting underfoot when items are being moved from the house or running away if a door is left open. Movement can create some measure of stress for your pet; they enjoy a more relaxed mood if they are placed in a safe haven before movement.

It is important to pack the basic things that your pets will like to have during a trip. This includes their favorite food, water and their spill-proof water dish. You can also keep their favorite treats which can be used to reward good behavior. Items such as the pet’s favorite blanket, toys, portable litter box, a scoop for overnight stops in a hotel room, etc; can be ideal based on your unique itinerary. It is essential that you leave enough room for interaction as well as ventilation no matter the vehicle you use for your movement.

There are pets which may need to be acclimatized to the carrier you intend to use before the D-day for movement. You can give them treats when they get used to entering and exiting the carrier. Also, you can take them on short trips in the carrier in order to make them get used to moving.

A Few Tips For Worry Free Local Moving

Worry Free Local Moving!

When the time comes to move from the property and carry all your assets, it can end up in a total mess. However, with a detailed planning, the right moving company and patience, everything can go smoothly. Our moving company in Fayetteville has written down a few tips to help customers deal with this situation better,

Get the plan down

We always encourage our customers to be as specific as possible when dealing with local moving. Keep in mind all the goods including furniture, home appliances or pet’s house that you need moving. Also, have a clear view on the destination and our movers will quickly advise you on the best transportation method. It’s easy if you categorize your goods in fragile and non-fragile packages. This way you can inform the local movers about the packages and all your goods will be safe.

Choose the right moving company

When hiring a local moving company in North Carolina, you need to make sure they have a multi-level customer service. Even though there are many moving companies in Fayetteville, North Carolina, you need to make sure you get the movers that have various means of transport and staff that understands diligence and care.

Our local movers are known for a fast and safe process in Fayetteville. We have done numerous moving projects in North Carolina and each time we treat our customers with respect and care for their goods. As movers, we know how crucial it is for the belongings to get safety at the destination point.

Open-communication service

A professional local mover knows that communicating each and every detail with the customers is a big part in the success of relocation. It’s good to inform your local moving company on details about belongings, your current location and the new destination. This way, the local movers will be able to guide you through-out the whole moving process with no stress or additional worry.

At M.A.D Moving, we make sure to communicate with the customer each detail concerning the moving process. Whether it’s a commercial property

move or a residential move, we are familiar with all types and sizes of assets; therefore we customized our service according to the transportation, road and budget available.

When you decide to move, choose a local moving company that inspires friendliness, openness and diligence.

Attention To Detail!

From the first call the experience was wonderful! The person that answered the phone was knowledgeable and gave me great advice on my packing. The guys showed up in the estimated time frame and worked hard all the way through. The manager of the crew was very polite and had great attention to detail. This is the best move I have had in all my years of moving!

Isabella Jong

Great Again!!

I have used Mad Movers four times.  Every move has been great! They worked hard and nothing has never been damaged! I will use them for all my future moves and refer them to all my friends.

Cathy Tompkins
Cumberland County Schools